Policy Agreement

Our policies for the calendar year

No Food or Drinks: Please do NOT bring outside food or drinks other than bottled water with a lid.

Schedule: Music study is a year-round endeavor, and is cumulative. When you enroll for the academic year, you are reserving a teacher/day/set time that occurs based on the calendar. The annual calendar is published each year in August for the year ahead. Summer is VERY flexible and a time where you can schedule around your summer plans.

Parent Pick-Up: We ask that if you are dropping off your child for his/her lesson, to please be be prompt in picking them up at the end of their lesson time. This ensures all students’ lessons can begin and end on time. We are NOT responsible for children outside of their lesson time.

Tuition and Payment: CMM uses an all-inclusive 12-month calendar. This means we take 38 weeks of Lessons/Classes, 3 recitals, all music and material fees, the cost to professionally produce 1-2 videos per year and any administrative fees, then roll it into one annual amount, divided by 12. This is your monthly installment amount. This is NOT a monthly amount that reflects the number of weeks in that month. Payment is automatically charged to your card on file, within MMS. *You are not charged for weeks on the calendar that we do not have lessons. There are no refunds and we do not prorate based on students who opt out of performances or classes.

Makeup Lessons: Our faculty members are full-time musicians and professional teachers with extensive knowledge in pedagogy. At CMM, you are paying a set of values and standards that we prioritize in our facility and our faculty. You are paying for experience, expertise, professionalism, ability to scale, communication, etc… You are paying for far more than the value of one missed lesson on the occasion you need to miss, and our faculty do our best to only ask to reschedule if it’s for a professional reason such as a recital, conference, or some other professional development. We cannot guarantee makeup lessons for various reasons. We do our best however, if we have a cancellation and can fit your child in if they cancelled because of school or illness. We highly encourage you to take advantage of an online or video option though! Your lesson day/time is reserved specifically for you. We offer online lessons or a video-exchange DURING your child’s lesson time so that we are utilizing the time for them and are not being asked to stay late, or carve out time from our personal time.

Disclaimer: There will be times when we take photos and/or video that we may use for marketing and promotional purposes. We always try to ask for permission prior to sharing and want to respect your privacy. If you see your child featured in a photo or video that you do not approve of, please let us know and we will promptly remove.

What They Say

Read testimonials from our satisfied students and parents

"There are so many things I appreciate about the Centre for Musical Minds but the best thing is the teachers. I can’t recommend them more highly for students new to piano as well as for adult students that may have previous experience."



I have been taking piano lessons at CMM for 10 years now and it’s the best decision I could have made. My piano skills have improved immensely and so has my confidence; I’m even playing in front of people now and I never thought that would happen. Thank you to CMM for giving me the tools to play at my very best.



“My son Jayden started going to CMM when he was 7, fast forward he just turned 13 and is still going. The center owned by Ms. Kristin offers no less than the best learning experiences for the students from fun recitals, holidays gigs and playing at senior centers.”




Find answers to frequently asked questions about our offerings and policies.

How much is tuition?

At CMM, you may begin lessons for as little as $185/month! Tuition is between $185-$280 per month depending on if you enroll in 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons.

What does tuition include?

Tuition is based on an annualized calendar. We take the whole year of private lesson weeks, and performance classes, including all music, materials, classes, recital fees, professionally recorded videos, etc., and divide payments evenly over 12 months. You are never charged for weeks we do not have lessons.

What does Summer look like?

Flexible! We include four 45-minute private lessons, a professionally recorded video, and 2 enrichment classes.

What days do you offer lessons?

We offer lessons 7 days a week!

Where is the calendar?

You can view our online calendar or schedule of events.

What are your teacher's credentials?

All faculty have music degrees, some have extra teaching certifications, and most have Master’s Degrees or above.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

No. We have two alternatives: a video exchange lesson, or an online lesson during your regular time.

How long have you been in business?

Frisco born, Frisco proud, since 2008.

Where are you located?

We are location at 8000 Preston Rd., Suite 404, Frisco, TX, 75034 on the southeast corner of Preston and Hickory.

What age can we begin lessons?

We welcome learners of all ages and stages! Minimum age is 6 for piano and 8 for voice.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information or to schedule a tour.

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