Letter From the Executive Director, Kristin Yost

We are thrilled that you are taking the time to read about who is educating your children, or maybe even you.

The Centre for Musical Minds was founded in 2008 by myself, Kristin Yost, M.M. and Dr. Sam Holland, who is Dean of the Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University.

Dr. Holland and I wanted to create a music lesson center to educate and excite the inner musician of students young and old.

Most importantly, we want to make music (in particular, piano study) relevent to the community. We believe that there is music in every person and through music we all can lead happier, more confident and creative lives. With this focus in mind, in just three short years we more than doubled our enrollment!

The word is getting out about how rewarding music study can be at the Centre for Musical Minds. It is a fun, creative music lesson environment where piano instruction is tailored to each individual student. Our student-focused approach moves beyond just turning to the next page in a lesson book every week, it encourages students to develop their inner musical voice through solid fundamental studies combined with exciting music ranging from Bach to the Beatles and beyond. With traditional recitals, CMM Pop Showcases where students perform with a professional, live rhythm section, composition and CD production with Garageband, Lyric Writing for aspiring song-writers, group activities like African Drumming and so much more, studying music at the Centre for Musical Minds is a thrilling journey. So come join us and let us help you find your inner musician!

What They Say

Read testimonials from our satisfied students and parents

"There are so many things I appreciate about the Centre for Musical Minds but the best thing is the teachers. I can’t recommend them more highly for students new to piano as well as for adult students that may have previous experience."



I have been taking piano lessons at CMM for 10 years now and it’s the best decision I could have made. My piano skills have improved immensely and so has my confidence; I’m even playing in front of people now and I never thought that would happen. Thank you to CMM for giving me the tools to play at my very best.



“My son Jayden started going to CMM when he was 7, fast forward he just turned 13 and is still going. The center owned by Ms. Kristin offers no less than the best learning experiences for the students from fun recitals, holidays gigs and playing at senior centers.”



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