Fanarelia Guerrero

Fanarelia Guerrero López has an active career as a piano pedagogue, soloist, and chamber musician. She has showcased her talent as a soloist in various states across the United States, including Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Oregon. Additionally, she has graced the main venues in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. As a collaborative artist, Fanarelia has worked extensively with the voice and violin department at the University of South Carolina.

A passionate advocate for Nicaraguan and Latin American music, Fanarelia is dedicated to expanding its reach to new horizons. She has undertaken research focused on rediscovering the piano music of Nicaraguan composer Luis Abraham Delgadillo. This involves cataloging and pedagogically assessing all of Delgadillo’s piano works, editing manuscripts, and recording a significant portion of his compositions.

In 2024, Fanarelia is set to deliver a program showcasing Latin American music. The repertoire includes the performance of all 24 Preludes and the US premiere of Luis Abraham Delgadillo’s Piano Sonata.

Fanarelia Guerrero

As an educator, Fanarelia Guerrero strives to cultivate well-rounded musicians, both professionally and personally. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of providing a safe and respectful education for every student. She ensures a secure environment not only in group classes but also in private lessons, allowing students to pursue their goals with confidence. Creating a healthy atmosphere through interpersonal skills is essential for fostering student development in every lesson.

Fanarelia embraces versatility in her role as a teacher, readily adapting to each student to unlock their full potential. She maintains a flexible and open-minded attitude in every lesson, offering valuable experience teaching various syllabi and exams, such as the Royal Conservatory of Music, catering to students of different ages and proficiency levels. Her ultimate aim in both group and private settings is to guide students in becoming independent learners through organized sequences and guided lessons.

As an international teacher, Fanarelia is dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment that values each student’s unique identity. She believes in empowering students not only through music but also by embracing their cultural backgrounds. With extensive knowledge of piano literature and ongoing research on diverse cultures, Fanarelia incorporates repertoire beyond the musical canon, enabling students to explore their peers’ cultures and fostering a more diverse and tolerant environment. By encouraging a broad repertoire, she equips students not only with an extensive list of musical works but also with the skills to live harmoniously with others. After each class, Fanarelia continues to nurture an individualized, respectful, and diverse studio environment.

Fanarelia Guerrero L. embarked on her piano journey in her home country of Nicaragua. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from the University of Costa Rica and a Master’s degree in Piano Performance from Texas State University. In August 2023, she will earn her Doctorate in Piano Pedagogy from the University of South Carolina, where she served as the President of the MTNA-USC chapter for two years, earning co-recipient of the 2023 MTNA Collegiate Chapter of the Year. She serves as NCKP conference committee member for South America and the Iberian peninsula at the Frances Clark Center.

I have been taking piano lessons with [Faculty Member's Name] for over a year now, and I can confidently say that they are an exceptional teacher. Their expertise and dedication have greatly improved my skills and passion for music.

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