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The Centre for Musical Minds is an Internationally recognized Music School conveniently located in Frisco, Texas. We also offer in-home piano lessons in Frisco, Plano, Dallas, and surrounding communities, and online piano lessons to anywhere in the world!

Whether you want to learn jazz, pop, country, classical music or just learn the basics, we're the most effective (and enjoyable) place to accomplish your musical goals in piano lessons. The Centre for Musical Minds provides Private Piano Lessons and Private Voice Lessons in Frisco, Texas.

Extraordinary Results in Every Student!   Email us at  OR  Call  214.586.4309  to find out more!

  • Our music school in Frisco has talented and hard-working popular AND classical music students who enjoy the process of learning and creating music of all kinds.  
  • We have online lesson experts based in Frisco to teach (literally) students around the world!
  • We embrace "flipped classrooms" and teach our theory classes from the comfort of the student's own home!  To read more about "upside down"/flipped classroom research, check out this article. Our goal is to streamline content that is consistent and repetitive, which allows us to have more meaningful time spent with the student in their private lessons.
  • Each faculty member has a Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, and we even have two faculty members who have Doctoral degrees and have been, or are currently on college music faculty.   
  • CMM is a founding school for The Development Program, which is lead by The Royal Conservatory and offers an international musical standard to our students and their families.